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Saving Parts Lists as New Objects
You can save a single checked in parts list and its related illustrations as new objects, depending on configured permissions.
The Save As action for a parts list can be found in these locations:
The action is only available if you are working in the commonspace. It cannot be accessed from the workspace.
1. In the Actions menu and the shortcut menu in the Folders page
2. In the Actions menu in the Structure tab of the Information Page for a parts list
Each of these actions opens the Save As window. Refer to Saving Commonspace Objects as New Objects for information on using this window to save the parts list, its illustrations, and any related objects, if applicable.
Any Assemble to Order (ATO) and Service Effectivity settings configured for a part or parts list is copied with a Save As action. Refer to Assigning Choices to Part Usages and Manage Applicability for information on setting applicability for objects.
Refer to Collecting Objects Associated with Parts Lists for information on including a parts list’s related illustrations in a Save As action.
The following items will be included in the Save As action as a default:
Links to parts associated with a parts list item by a Substitute relationship
Refer to Managing Substitute Parts for information.
Links to parts linked to a parts list item by a Supplementary Replacement relationship
Managing Supplementary Parts for information.
Graphic dynamic document (GDD) and illustration — the most current GDD and illustration are copied and renamed, if the Collect related Illustrations option is selected in the Save As dialog box
The new name will be in the form new parts list name_new parts list number_illustration name _GDD number.
See Creating Parts List Representations for information.
Any applicability (ATO and Service Effectivity) settings configured for parts list items and any parts associated with them with these relationships will be copied when the parts list is saved.
Applicability settings configured for the illustrations in a parts list will also be retained.
Preferences control the naming and numbering logic for new parts lists and illustrations saved in this way. Refer to the Save As sub-category of the Service Parts category in Setting Service Preferences for information about preferences that configure:
Illustration filename prefix and suffix
Illustration name prefix and suffix
Illustration number prefix and suffix
Parts list name prefix and suffix
Parts list number prefix and suffix