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Manage Applicability
The Windchill Service Information Manager - S1000D Module uses advanced expression capability for applicability, to allow for the more complex applicability statements permissible by the S1000D specification. This capability requires the definition of options and choices and the use of advanced expressions.
For additional information on options and choices see XYZ and advanced expressions see ABC.
For more information on applicability, see Options and Choices and Assigning Expressions.
Once options and choices exist for the product, you can set applicability for data modules:
1. Select a data module in a structure and right click to access the context menu.
The data module must be at workflow state WIP.
2. Select Manage Applicability to invoke the Manage Applicability window.
3. In the Expressions field, select the icon to edit Assigned Item Expressions.
4. The Advanced Expression window opens, with the active Option Set for the product detailed.
The options/choices defined for a product are generated from the ACT/CCT data modules that exist for that product. For more information, see ACT/CCT Data Modules
5. In the Expression field, enter the expression that specifies the options/choices for which the data module applies.
For more information about the syntax of expressions, see Syntax for Creating Advanced Expressions. Some examples are given below.
NOT statements are not supported.
6. Validate the expression by clicking Validate. Alternatively, click OK to validate the expression and close the Advanced Expression window.
7. The data module is checked in and the applicability is added to its content.
The value of the preference Retain Multi-Valued Applicability Property Values can specify the format in which the applicability information you author here is written into the DM content.
For more information, see Manage Applicability in Data Modules.
Applicability is managed at identandStatusSection level in the module.
When working with ACT data, you can only specify options/choices from a single Option Group (ACT data module).
You cannot specify a combination of ACT and CCT data for a data module.
Examples of how options/choices settings are reflected in the content of the data module:
Expression of single choice:
"model=Mountain storm"
In XML content of data module:
..<assert applicPropertyIdent="model" applicPropertyType="prodattr" applicPropertyValues="Mountain storm"/>
Expression of choices with and/or operators:
This example applies when the value of the Retain Multi-Valued Applicability Property Values preference is set to No. All applicability will be written into content and output as multiple single-valued statements.
("model=Mountain storm"/"version=Mk1")+"model=Brook Trekker"
In XML content of data module:
<evaluate andOr="and">
<evaluate andOr="or">
<assert applicPropertyIdent="model" applicPropertyType="prodattr" applicPropertyValues="Mountain storm"/>
<assert applicPropertyIdent="version" applicPropertyType="prodattr" applicPropertyValues="mk1"/>
<assert applicPropertyIdent="model" applicPropertyType="prodattr" applicPropertyValues="Brook trekker"/>