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ACT/CCT Data Modules
The Windchill Service Information Manager - S1000D Module solution provides a workflow that enables the creation of Windchill options and variants from ACT and CCT data modules.
Certain prerequisites apply:
The ACT/CCT data module’s workflow state must be WIP.
The ACT/CCT author must have permission to modify the ACT/CCT.
A Windchill option group is generated in the product’s option set for every new ACT/CCT data module added to a product:
Importing ACT/CCT data modules
For more information, see Importing ACT/CCT Applicability Data
Creating ACT/CCT data modules
This can be a blank placeholder data module. Once the data module is created, an option group is generated.
For information on the options/variants generated from ACT/CCT data modules, see ACT Applicability Data and CCT Applicability Data.
Any changes made to the options generated from ACT/CCT data modules are passed back to the content of the relevant source data module. The ACT/CCT data module must be at workflow state WIP for the update to occur.
Options can still be changed if the ACT/CCT data module is not at workflow state WIP. Changes made to the options will not be passed to the data module.
Any changes made to an ACT/CCT data module will be reflected in the relevant option group when the data module is re-imported.
If an option is deleted from an ACT/CCT data module, it is removed from the active option set when the data module is re-imported. It will remain in the option pool for the product.
For information on editing options and variants, see Windchill Options and Variants Capabilities.