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Create a New Model Identification-based ICN
You can create an ICN by selecting a pre-defined template or by specifically selecting the graphic entity file.
To create a new Model Identification-based Information Control Number (ICN) illustration and add it to the information structure:
1. Open the required S1000D information structure, and navigate to its Structure tab.
2. Select the node in the information structure for which you want to create an illustration.
You can only add illustrations at the Assembly Code level of the SNS.
3. Choose Insert New > Insert New Illustration from the context menu.
The Insert New Illustration dialog box opens.
For more information, see Insert New Illustration Dialog Box.
4. Select the required language from the Authoring Language drop down list.
5. Select a template in the Template drop down list (optional).
The list displays the illustration templates defined for the current product. Each template provides a defined page size for the graphic type, a primary content file, a blank secondary content file (if applicable), and instructions to the illustrator.
Templates to support the use of Creo Illustrate (.c3di) or Windchill Arbortext IsoDraw (.iso) are available. .
If you select a Creo Illustrate or Windchill Arbortext IsoDraw template, a primary content file and a blank secondary content file of the type and page size associated with the template will be uploaded automatically.
For example, a Creo Illustrate template will provide a .c3di file as the primary content and a .pvz file as the secondary content.
If you want to create the ICN using a specific graphic file, leave Select a Template in the Template drop down list.
6. If you want to create the ICN by selecting a specific graphic file, you can select a Primary Content Source for your illustration.
You have two options:
Choose Local File, then browse your desktop for the file to be used.
Choose Windchill Illustration, then use Windchill’s Find Illustration feature to locate the graphic in your Windchill repository.
If you want to use a Creo Illustrate (.c3di) or Windchill Arbortext IsoDraw (.iso) graphic as the primary source, you must select the Windchill Illustration option.
The file selection section is hidden if a template was selected from the initial Template list.
7. You can configure additional information for the ICN in the Template group:
Template Width
Only available for edit if you selected a Flexi Width template in the initial Template list
Template Height
Only available for edit if you selected a Flexi Height template in the initial Template list
Notation Type
S1000D Type
Available for you to select a page size to which to output the illustration, if you did not choose a template and associated blank secondary content file in the initial Template list
8. In the Attributes group, select the appropriate Location option for the ICN: Autoselect Folder or Select Folder.
9. Add or edit values for these attributes in the S1000D Attributes group:
Responsible Partner Company Code
Variant Code
Security Classification
These values may have been populated with default values set for the current product.
10. Note that other S1000D attributes are populated from the current SNS location and cannot be edited.
11. Click OK to insert the illustration and close the dialog box. The ICN is inserted at the requested location in the structure.
Use Insert if you want to keep the dialog box open and create and insert additional illustrations.
To view the content of the illustration, open the ICN and navigate to its Details page. You can view the primary and secondary content from tabs in the page:
Primary content — see the Primary Content table in the Content tab
Secondary content — see the Attachments table in the General tab
If you created your ICN from a local graphic, you may need to configure Windchill Workgroup Manager to attach the secondary content file. For more information, see Include Secondary Content Attachment with an Illustration.
For more information, see Model Identification-based ICN.