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Detecting Interferences of Variant Specifications
A structure can have configurable parts. Variant specifications define multiple assemblies of a configurable structure. You can perform an interference detection query on an assembly configured by a variant specification and you can view it in. Creo View (See Latest Variant Specification in Creating an Interference Detection Definition for information variant specification selection while defining an IDD).
To select a variant specification and to launch it in Creo View
1. On the Details page of a configurable assembly, under Representations/Annotations, select Details. The Details list opens.
2. Click on Variant Specifications. The Select Variant Specification page opens, displaying the names of all available variant specifications.
3. Select an item on the list, and click OK. The selected variant specification is displayed under Details.
4. To change the selected variant specification, select it, the drop down list opens, select another variant specification from the list and then click OK.
5. Select Open representation in Creo View. The assembly opens in Creo View displaying only the parts included in the selected specification.
If you launch Creo View with Default filtering selected instead of a variant specification, the complete structure is launched without filtering.
See the topics under Creating and Managing Variants for information about creating and managing Variant Specifications.