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Edit a Disposition Plan
Use the following procedure to edit a disposition plan as a Material Review Board Reviewer, if the nonconformance was sent to the Material Review Board:
1. On your Home page, click the name of the nonconformance you would like to review from the My Tasks table.
You can also select Enter Disposition Plan details from the right-click actions menu.
2. On the task page, click Enter Disposition Plan details.
3. In the Create Disposition Plan window, under Items Involved, two tables appear:
Remaining to Disposition: Any affected object or other item that has a value in the Quantity field, and therefore has not been entirely dispositioned appears in this table.
Dispositioned Items: All affected objects and other items that have had some quantity dispositioned appear here. The Dispositioned Items table is sorted by Start Date.
Review the disposition plan. To disposition a certain quantity of an affected object or other item, click the add icon . To edit a row, click the edit icon . For more information, see Add a Disposition
To see information relevant to the nonconformance, including its affected objects and previous workflows, click .
4. When you are satisfied with all dispositioned affected objects and other items, click Finish.
Tasks are assigned to the appropriate roles depending on the disposition type of affected objects and other items.