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The Windchill Nonconformance Process
Windchill Nonconformance is designed for entering and managing nonconformances. A nonconformance occurs when a product, manufacturing material, process, document, or other item does not conform to specifications. Once a nonconformance has been identified, the company has a responsibility under ISO and FDA GxP standards and guidelines to segregate, investigate, and disposition the item so as not to adversely affect the quality of the finished product. Windchill Nonconformance allows you to record, process, manage, and track nonconformance reports, variances, deviations, exceptions, and other quality events related to product manufacturing and processing.
All nonconformances follow the same process defined by your organization’s standard operating procedures and policies. The default nonconformance process flow provided by Windchill Nonconformance includes the following steps:
1. Initiation
2. Evaluation
3. Investigation (optional)
4. Disposition Plan
5. Review by Material Review Board (optional)
6. Disposition
7. Completion
As the nonconformance moves through the workflow, different roles are preassigned to team members to fulfill the workflow steps. For more information, see Windchill Nonconformance Roles. The nonconformance process is managed in the Quality Tasks table. You can see the current state of the nonconformance and enter additional information from this table. Once you complete a workflow state, all attributes are available for review in the next workflow state.
As you complete the nonconformance process workflow, a record of previous steps is provided within the nonconformance’s information page.