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Add a Disposition
After clicking the add icon , an Add Disposition window appears. Use the following procedure to disposition an affected object or other item:
1. Select an affected object or other item from the Remaining to Disposition table.
2. Under the Quantity to Disposition column, enter a quantity of items that you want to disposition in a certain way.
3. Under Disposition Record Details, enter the following information:
Disposition Type
Select how to disposition the selected quantity.
If you select Use As Is, a task is assigned for the Nonconformance Reuse Approver to review the nonconformance and add an electronic signature.
Disposition Reference
Enter reference identification for the disposition.
Start Date
Enter the date the disposition action is due. Click the calendar icon to find and select a date.
Enter any additional instructions on how to complete the disposition.
4. Click OK to complete the disposition.