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Creating a Customer Experience Product Investigation Activity
A product investigation activity (PIA) is used to process and investigate a returned product. It is also used to assign investigations into the design or manufacturing history of a product, so this type of activity can be used even if the product is not returned. If you are assigned to the Customer Experience Evaluator role, use the following procedure to initiate a new product investigation activity:
1. Click the new product activity icon in the row for a particular product when evaluating a customer experience.
If the workflow is in the Evaluation or In Progress workflow states, you can also initiate product activities from the Customer Experience Management tab of the customer experience information page.
2. From the Type list, select Product Investigation Activity. This field is required.
3. Optionally, in the Activity Text field, enter a description of the activity. This allows the customer experience evaluator to send a note to the product receiver and product investigator for this activity.
4. Click Finish to move the customer experience to the next workflow state. When the overall workflow state for the customer experience is In Progress, then the product investigation activity moves to the Returned Product Processing workflow state and the task is sent to users in the Customer Experience Product Receiver role.