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Creating a Follow-Up Regulatory Report
After you submit the initial report to the regulatory agencies, you might receive more information that changes the report. If you discover additional information, create and submit a follow-up report.
1. On the customer experience information page, click the Structure tab.
2. In the structure tree, click the closed activity corresponding to the report.
3. Under Regulatory Activity, click the link in the Number field.
4. On the regulatory decision page, from the Actions menu, select Create Follow Up.
The follow-up report is created in the Creation or Decision state. Administrators can set the default using the Regulatory Report Decision Follow Up State attribute on the Customer Experience Regulatory Report Decision type in the Type and Attribute Management utility. For new installations, the default state of the attribute is Decision. For updates and upgrades, the default state is Creation.
The workflow of the customer experience returns to the In Progress workflow state.
The workflow of the report activity returns to the Creation workflow state.
The system automatically completes the Additional Information Aware Date field with the current date if no value exists in the field. If there is already a date in the field, the system does not change it.