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Quality Tasks Table
The Quality Tasks table, available by expanding a quality context in the Navigator and clicking Tasks, displays Windchill quality solution activities, tasks, and actions for which you are responsible. If a task appears in your individual My Tasks table on your Home page, it requires action from you. Depending on your permission level, certain states in a Windchill quality solution workflow process appear as read-only. For more information, see Windchill CAPA Roles, Windchill Nonconformance Roles or Windchill Customer Experience Management Roles.
Once you complete the task, it is removed from your My Tasks table. For more information, see CAPA Page Overview, Nonconformance Page Overview, or Customer Experience Page Overview.
The following actions appear in the Quality Tasks table:
Select a task or set of tasks to reassign them to another user. When you reassign a task, the glyph appears to the left of the Task Name field.
Accept the task or tasks.
Decline the task or tasks.
Search for tasks
Search for additional tasks assigned to you.
Use the table options icon to set table viewing options. To search the content of the table, enter a value and click the search icon .