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Nonconformance Page Overview
The Nonconformance page is available by expanding a quality context in the Navigator and clicking Nonconformance. This page allows you to view nonconformances in their given workflow state.
Windchill Nonconformance allows you to record, process, manage, and track nonconformance reports, variances, deviations, exceptions, and other quality events related to product manufacturing and processing. For more information, see The Windchill Nonconformance Process. Nonconformances can easily be found in the Nonconformance table by their Record ID value.
Changing the Table View
You can limit the nonconformances that display in the table by selecting a view from the Nonconformance list.
The following views are available:
Open—View all open nonconformances.
Incomplete—View all nonconformances with incomplete information. These nonconformances have been saved in the intake state and the workflow has not yet started.
All—View all nonconformances including current and backlog nonconformances.
Closed—View all closed nonconformances.
Column Information
To define your own view for the Nonconformance table, select Customize from the Nonconformance list. This action allows you to select which package types and columns appear in the table and to determine the order in which the columns appear. For more information, see Customizing Table Views.
Click the information icon to view the information page for a nonconformance.
Create a New Nonconformace
Click the new nonconformance icon to create a new nonconformance. For more information, see Create a New Nonconformance.