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Adding the Publishing License to Your FlexNET License Server
If you wish to use the publishing functionality, you must have available a valid Windchill Visualization Adapter license (for the CAD publishing). This license is checked out when the system is enabled for publishing, a publishing job is running, and a CAD worker is active. The Windchill Visualization Adapter license (part number: PKG-5055-F ) must be ordered through your PTC partner. There is no extra charge, but a customer can only order this license once. When ordering this package, you must provide the hostID of your server. You will receive a license file from PTC that you must import into your FlexNet license server in the same way as any other Creo Parametric module.
You must configure your FlexNet license server and add the Visualization Adapter license before you install Windchill PDM Essentials. For more information about installing a Windchill Visualization Adapter FlexNet license on your license server, see the Specifying License Entry for Previously Generated License Files section (under Configuring Licenses for the Creo Applications > Generating or Updating Licenses) of the Installing Creo 2.0: Creo Parametric, Creo Direct, Creo Layout, Creo Simulate, and Creo Options Modeler document located at the following URL:
Additionally, dedicate the publishing license for use by the Creo Parametric publishing client on the Windchill PDM Essentials server. For details, see the following URL: