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The installation portion of Windchill PDM Essentials involves acquiring the package, and then running a simple installation assistant that specifies installation settings and installs Windchill.
About the Installation
The Windchill PDM Essentials installation configures the system as follows:
Windchill is configured as a Windows service
This service automatically starts and stops all the Windchill processes in the proper sequence. When the server is rebooted, the Windchill processes are automatically started in the proper sequence.
SQL Server database is installed and configured
SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition (embedded runtime version) is automatically installed, configured, and optimized for Windchill dedicated use.
Windchill PDM Essentials cannot be connected to an existing SQL server installation.
A file vault is automatically configured to manage your CAD and office files
The deployment automatically configures a single file vault (external to the database but on the same server machine) with automatic folder creation enabled so that you do not have to perform any vault management (other than to ensure that the vault location has sufficient space for all the versions saved and for expected growth).
Older versions are not automatically purged. Manually purge older versions in order to manage space. For more information, see Managing Space on the File Vault.
Windchill Directory Server is automatically configured and backed up
The Windchill Directory Server manages users and is automatically configured with the system. A Lightweight Directory Interchange Format (LDIF) file is automatically created as a directory backup once a day at 1:00 a.m. The eight most recent backups are saved in the WindchillLDIFBackup subdirectory of the File Vault location you specify on the Configuration page of the installation assistant detailed below.
Apache Tomcat webserver and servlet engine is automatically configured
This webserver manages the display of web pages and the handling of user requests. It is automatically configured to use available ports and optimized for Windchill use.
Server-driven publishing is automatically configured to generate thumbnail and 3D visualization formats when CAD files are checked in.
A Creo CAD worker is automatically installed and configured as part of the system. Server-side publishing can be enabled or disabled during the Windchill Setup Assistant and the publishing schedule can be specified using WVS Job Scheduler Administration. By default, a thumbnail and 3D image is automatically created when a drawing is saved or checked in. The system can be configured to publish during non-working hours if the server cannot handle the publishing load on top of the CAD and browser client loads.
You must use the same major version of Creo Parametric for both server-side publishing and the CAD client working with Windchill PDM Essentials. For example, if you use Creo Parametric 3 for server-side publishing, you must use Creo Parametric 3 as the CAD client.
For more information about the Job Scheduler, see WVS Job Scheduler Administration.