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Moving Forward: Ongoing Windchill Administration
After completing the simple installation assistant and the Windchill Setup Assistant for Windchill PDM Essentials, your environment is ready for production. This section lists administrative tasks necessary to maintain Windchill and ensure optimal performance moving forward. Each listed administrative task includes basic information and provides applicable references. Administrative tasks are grouped as follows:
Business Administrative Tasks
These tasks are performed within the Windchill application and are often performed by an organization administrator:
Managing Users
Managing Products and Libraries
Promoting Items
Managing CAD Application
Managing Publishing Jobs
System Administrative Tasks—These tasks are performed in the Windchill environment, not in the Windchill application and are often performed by a site administrator:
Managing Backups
Managing Space on the File Vault
Applying Windchill Patches
Managing License Use
Restarting the Windchill Windows Service
Uninstalling Windchill PDM Essentials
For an introduction to Windchill administration, see Getting Started with Windchill Administration, as well as the Resources for PTC Windchill Administrators Quick Reference Guide.
Best Practices: Scheduling Administrative Tasks
It is important for you to create your organization’s administrative schedule. The following Help Center topic will help you determine which administrative tasks should be done regularly and how often each should be done:
Best Practices for Monitoring and Maintenance.