Windchill Fundamentals > Working with Windchill Objects > Visualization Overview > Creating a Representation from an EPM Structure
Creating a Representation from an EPM Structure
Use the following procedure to create a representation from an EPM Structure.
Navigate to the New Representation window as follows:
If you are creating a representation using the default configuration specification, create a New Tab , and from the Customize drop-down list, navigate to General > Representations/Annotations. In the Information page of an associated part, locate the Representations/Annotations section, and click the New Representation icon.
The New Representation window divides the creation of a representation into the following steps:
1. Define Representation Attributes
2. EPM Configuration Specification
3. Choose Structure Type
4. Confirm Choices
1. Define Representation Attributes
Enter the details using the following fields and check box:
Representation Details
Enter a name for the representation.
Enter up to 60 characters. This is a required field.
Enter a brief description of the representation.
Enter up to 4,000 characters. This field is optional.
Set as Default Representation
Enable the Set as Default Representation check box to make this representation the default.
2. EPM Configuration Specification
Set the EPM specification to be used for creating the representation, using the following names or attributes:
EPM Configuration Specification
Selects the default configuration specification for the representation.
This default is either the latest or as stored, depending on system settings.
As Stored
Selects the as stored configuration specification for the representation.
If there is no as stored configuration specification, then the latest configuration is used.
Selects the latest configuration specification.
Displays a drop-down list of the available baselines.
Life Cycle
Displays a drop-down list of life cycle states.
Displays the path to the cabinet and folder.
Displays a drop-down list of the available effectivity configuration items, or a date field with a calendar icon you can use to specify the effectivity date.
Clicking a configuration specification type may display a drop-down list or type-in field where you further define the specification.
3. Choose Structure Type
Choose EPM Windchill Structure for the type of structure.
Use the available field to define a Creo Parametric Representations, if desired. Select the check box to publish the new structure as a Positioning Assembly.
4. Confirm Choices
Review the choices you have just made and click Submit Publish Job. A confirmation message appears, verifying your creation of the new representation. Click the Refresh icon to view the new representation in the table. The Details column identifies the representation as an EPM Windchill Structure.