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Batch Print
Batch Print includes server-side printing capability, which allows you to print individual jobs and/or queues; a print subscription and notification capability; and the watermarking of objects. There is also a collection mechanism for data to be printed, whereby you can locate all drawings for an EPM structure. Batch print also includes the automated extraction of drawing sizes, so you can print drawings to a desired printer or printer tray (for different sizes and types of paper). You can also control batch print launch points, such as for a representable business object (e.g., WTPart); for a representation (e.g., of a CAD assembly), or from the Clipboard.
The Batch Print function is accessible from the drop-down menu in the Organizations or Site areas of Windchill. Batch Print is also available from the Actions menus for Documents, Parts, and CAD Documents, and on the representation listing. It is also accessible from the Clipboard. Select the Batch Print option to get started.
The first items in the Batch Print UI are the Job Name and Job Description fields.
If you want to include a specific object in the Batch Print table, enter its name in the Job Name field and press Submit. The table is populated with the object you just specified. If you do not know the name of the object you want to print, click the Add Printable Items icon to find objects to include in the list. Refer to the Batch Print Icons table below for details.
You can also enter an optional description of the job in the Job Description field.
The actions and information available in the Batch Print window are described below.
Batch Print Icons
The following table describes the icons that appear at the top of the window:
Pastes a copied object into the Batch Print table.
After objects have been placed on the clipboard by cutting or copying, choosing the Paste Selection action allows you to view the content of the clipboard and choose specific objects to be pasted in the Batch Print table. See Paste Selection for more information about this feature.
Directs you to the Return Collected Objects page, where you can select additional related objects to include in the Batch Print session. See Collecting in Advanced Mode for more information about collection.
Clicking the Add Printable Items icon opens the Find Objects window, where you can search for printable objects by Context, Name, Number, Revision, or Iteration, and add them to the Batch Print table.
Opens the Print Options window, where you can modify the Print Options for a selected job. Options include Printer Name, Layout (Orientation and Scale), Advanced (such as Monochrome On/Off) and Copies, where you set the number of copies to be printed.
You can set the Table display options option to View Selected Objects Only to display only those jobs you have selected by enabling the check boxes alongside those jobs.
You can search the list of Batch Print jobs for specific details such as file name, printer, paper, and so on. Click in the field alongside the icon, enter the text you want to search for, and press Enter.
Batch Print Column Items
The following table describes the columns that appear in the Batch Print table once objects have been added to the table.
The contents of the drop-down lists available in each table column are specific to your site. These values are determined by the PrinterConfig.xml file, discussed previously. If you do not see a particular value in a drop-down list, see your system administrator.
Column Name
Identifies the name of the object.
File Name
Identifies the file name of the object.
Identifies the representation type of the object.
Thumbnail Navigation column
Contains the mini-thumbnail representation of the object. Hovering over the mini-thumbnail displays the Thumbnail Navigator window, where you can view attribute information for the related object. See Managing Thumbnails on Mini Information Pages for complete details about the actions available in this window.
The mini-thumbnail and the Thumbnail Navigator window always display the default representation of an object.
You can enable/disable the check boxes in this column to include or exclude the selected object(s) from the Batch Print session.
This column contains a drop-down list of all available printers for each object in the table, and allows you to select different printers (or identify the same printer) for each job listed in the table.
Defines the paper size(s) supported by the selected printer.
Specifies the number of copies to be printed for each job in the table.
This drop-down list offers optional scale values of image size to be printed. Options include Fit to Page, and/or printing the image at a percentage of the original image size, rendered in decimal format (such as 1.00 = 100% of original size, 0.75 = three-quarters original size, and so on).
Specifies the image orientation of each job – typically, Portrait or Landscape.
Batch Print Column Options Menu
The Batch Print Column Options menu is accessible from the heading of each column. Hover over the column name and select the icon to display the menu.
If a column option appears grayed out, it is not applicable to that column’s contents.
Option Name
Sort Ascending
Sort the contents of the column in ascending order (alphabetical A-Z, numerical 1–X).
Sort Descending
Sort the contents of the column in descending order (alphabetical Z-A, numerical X–1).
Lock the column so that its contents cannot be modified.
Removes the lock from a locked column.
Mousing over this option displays a cascading menu, containing entries for all the columns in the Batch Print table. You can select which columns to display in the table by enabling/disabling the check boxes in this menu. (The menu default is all columns displayed.) When a column display is disabled, it is only “hidden”, and can be redisplayed by enabling the check box.
Group By This Field
Display the contents of the table based on the contents of the current column. Selecting this option automatically enables the Show in Groups check box.
Show in Groups
When selected, changes the column display to show the column entries by type. For example, in the Printer column, selecting Show in Groups displays the table entries first as all jobs to be sent to “Printer_01”, followed by all jobs to be sent to “Printer_02”, and so on.