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Sorting Objects in a Table
Windchill allows you to sort the information in a table based on one or more attribute columns. This allows you to control the order objects appear in the table.
In the Folder Contents table, subfolders will always appear first, followed by objects. This behavior applies to all table views (system and personal) that include folders as a type to display.
Sorting on a Single Column
When you click the title of a column, that column becomes the first column on which your object information is sorted. For example, if you click the title of the Life Cycle State column, the objects will be sorted by life cycle state, such as Released.
Sorting on Multiple Columns
You can pick additional attributes on which to sort your objects. To do this, hold down the SHIFT key, and select another column. The second column will then be treated as the secondary source for the sort. For example, if the second column you select is Number, the objects will first be sorted by life cycle state and then listed in numeric order.
The primary and secondary sources of sorting, as well as whether ascending or descending sorting is used is determined by arrow glyphs. A single arrow glyph displays for the primary sorting column. If a secondary column is used for further sorting, that column will display a double arrow glyph.
If you click the title of another column without pressing the SHIFT key, all column sorting will be removed, and that column will become the only column on which objects are sorted.
You cannot sort the column displaying Merged icons .