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Pop-Up Blocker Interference
Many web browsers and third-party applications offer pop-up blocker capabilities to prevent unwanted pop-ups from being opened on your local machine. This can interfere with some Windchill operations that automatically open new windows, preventing you from completing certain functions, such as downloading object content. For example, if you receive an error when viewing the content file of a Windchill document, the procedures in this section may fix that issue.
Pop-Up Blocker Interference in Firefox
For Firefox, you can avoid pop-up blocker interference by designating your Windchill server domain as an allowed site. For example, if your Windchill home page URL begins with, you would add "" to the list of allowed sites using the following procedure:
1. Select Options from the Tools menu.
2. Click the Content icon. From the window, click the Exceptions button next to the Block pop-up windows check box.
3. The Allowed Sites - Popups window appears.
4. In the Address of web site field, enter "".
5. Click Allow, then click OK.
For purposes of pop-up blocking, Firefox treats port numbers as part of the host name. If your Windchill server is listening on a non-default port number and you are using Firefox as your web browser, you must add the host name, including the port number, to your list of allowed sites. This means that if your Windchill home page URL begins with or, you would add "" to the list of allowed sites.
Pop-Up Blocker Interference in Internet Explorer
For Internet Explorer, pop-up interference sometimes occurs if you have the Windchill server in your trusted list but not in the local intranet zone. To avoid interference, add the Windchill server to the local intranet zone. This will enable the automatic prompting for file downloads preference in Internet Explorer and disable the pop-up blocker.
To enable this preference, use the following procedure:
1. From the Internet Explorer Tools menu, select Internet Options.
2. Navigate to the Security tab and click the Local intranet icon.
3. Click the Sites button.
The Local intranet window appears.
4. Click the Advanced button.
5. In the Add this Web site to the zone field, enter your Windchill server name and click Add.
6. Click OK.
The Windchill server has now been added to your local intranet zone