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Setting Up Your Browser
To begin, ensure that you are using a Web browser and Java plug-in version supported by Windchill.
Consult the following documents for supported product information:
Client Requirements
Software Matrices
Product and version matrix information is updated periodically to adjust to environment changes. If you cannot access the links above, see your administrator for this information.
Note the following about Internet Explorer 9.0:
When using Internet Explorer 9.0 and Google Chrome Frame, the default is for Windchill actions (for example, New Part or New Document) to launch in a new browser tab instead of a new window. Modify the browser settings to launch actions in a new window:
1. In Internet Explorer, navigate to Tools > Internet Options.
2. Under the General tab, navigate to the Tabs section and click the Settings button.
3. Under When a pop-up is encountered, select Always open pop-ups in a new window.
Avoid working in Compatibility View. In Internet Explorer, navigate to Tools > Compatibility View Settings, clear the following check boxes and then restart your browser:
Display intranet sites in Compatibility View
Display all websites in Compatibility View
Consider the following additional browser information:
If an Unsupported Browser Mode error message appears when you open Windchill, your company may have set your browser to a mode incompatible with Windchill. To return to a default browser configuration, see your system administrator.
If you have enabled Java Web Start using the Preference Management utility, and you are running Windchill on a UNIX platform, you may be prompted to select a helper application when launching an explorer. Select javaws.