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Product Structure Explorer Preferences
Product Structure Explorer (PSE) provides advanced capabilities for working with parts in Windchill. PSE operates using Applet mode by default. 
You can specify additional runtime parameters while running in Applet mode. To see all supported runtime parameters for applets, see ORACLE's documentation on Java 1.6 and Applets.
If your organization manages large assemblies or complex data within PSE, additional memory may need to be allocated to enable PSE to run effectively. Memory allocation for the applet can be varied using a PSE preference. The default PSE memory configurations are defined in the 'Java Runtime parameters for Applet' section of PSE preferences.
A number of preferences are available for PSE. To view or modify these preferences, use the following procedure:
1. In standard Windchill (not PSE), navigate to Quick Links > My Settings > Preferences.
2. Expand the PSE preference row.
a. To adjust the memory that will be allocated to PSE in Applet mode, select the edit icon adjacent to the Java Runtime Parameters for Applet preference. The default value should be -Xmx512m. If this value already exists, you can modify the value to a higher value. If there are other values in the field, add the value to the list with a space between this new value and the existing values.
b. To edit the mode in which PSE will launch, select the Launch Mode preference. You can then either choose Draft mode, to work with a product structure without affecting objects currently in the database, or Edit mode to update your changes to the product structure directly to the database.