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Memory Allocation for Applets
When working with applets that handle large amounts of data, you may need to increase the memory allocated to the Java Runtime. This change will impact all applets that open and are not specific to any particular applet from Windchill or other product.
The recommendation below does not state any minimum memory size, only a maximum size.
To increase the memory when running an applet, use the following procedure:
1. Open the Java Plug-in Control Panel.
On Windows systems, select Start > Settings > Control Panel > Java
On UNIX systems, navigate to the Java Plug-in Control Panel using your web browser. The URL will point to ControlPanel.html inside the Java installation directory: file://<path_to_java_installation>/ControlPanel.html
2. Click the Java tab.
3. If more than one Java versions exist on the tab when using Windows, select the Java version that is typically launched when using Windchill.
On Windows, you can determine the version by launching an applet in Windchill and simply opening the console in the Windows task bar. Most often, the correct version is the highest version listed on the tab.
4. Click View.
5. Enter the memory size you want to set in the Runtime Parameters field. Enter a value such as -Xmx256m.
If this value already exists, you can simply modify the value to a higher value. If there are other values in the field, simply add the value to the list with a space between this new value and the existing values.
The default maximum size for the plugin is 64mb when no Xmx value is present.
To change the memory when running Product Structure Explorer using Applet mode, see Product Structure Explorer Preferences.