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Edit a Resource
Only project, product, and program managers can edit a resource.
1. Navigate to the Resources table. From the right-click actions menu, select Edit Resource.
2. The changes you are allowed to make depend on the resource type:
When editing a Windchill User resource, you can change the resource type to Other. The user is automatically added to the User field.
When editing an Other resource, you can change the resource type to Windchill User. If the resource is not associated with a user, you must select one.
When editing a Windchill Team Role resource, you cannot change the resource type.
When editing a Windchill Group resource, you cannot change the resource type.
3. In the Max Units field, enter the maximum percentage of time each day that a resource can be used for plan work.
Max units are only applicable to time and are based on the calendar preferences set for the plan and the resource. For example, if you are using a 24-hour calendar and a machine can only operate 6 hours a day, then its max unit value would be 25%. If you are operating with a standard 40 hour work week (8 hours per day for 5 days), then the max unit value would be 75%.
Max units serve as a guide for determining Resource Units when assigning a resource to an activity, but do not affect how resource units are calculated. For example, if a resource working with a standard calendar has 75 max units (or 6 hours of availability per day), then 75 is used as the default units value when assigning that resource to an activity. However, if you later edit the assignment to use 100 units of that resource, then the resource availability is recalculated to be 8 hours a day. The max unit value is unaffected.
4. In the Standard Rate field, enter the amount per unit time that the resource costs.
When the resource is assigned to an activity, this value is calculated in the total cost of the activity based on the estimated hours specified for the assignment. For example, if you assign a person who earns $20 per hour to an activity that takes two hours to complete, then $40 is added to the cost of the plan. Acceptable value rates include:
5. In the Cost Per Use field, enter any additional cost per unit time that should be calculated in the overall cost of activities assigned to the resource.
The cost per use is adjusted according to the percentage of the resource time used (specified in the Resource Units field when creating an assignment). For example, if your resource is a piece of equipment, it might have a fee of $60 that is separate from its hourly rate. If you assign that machine as a resource and allocate 50% of its use to that activity, then $30 is added to the activity cost.
6. Click OK to save your changes.