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Edit a Promotion Request
You can edit an existing promotion request. However, only select attributes are editable. For example, you cannot change which promotion process you are using or the target promotion state for objects.
You must have appropriate access to edit an existing promotion request.
From the Folder Contents table, select Edit from the right-click actions menu of a promotion request.
From the promotion request information page, select Actions > Edit.
1. Under the Set Attributes step, you can modify the following fields:
You can modify the promotion request name. Enter up to 70 characters.
A description of the promotion request. Enter up to 2000 characters.
Need By
The date by which the promotion request must be reviewed or approved.
2. Click Next.
3. Under the Select Promotion Objects step, you can add or remove promotion objects.
Set Object for Promotion
Use this action to identify which objects you want to promote to the target state. Select an object in the table row and then click this icon on the table toolbar.
The promotion status indicator appears next to objects that are marked for promotion. Each promotion request must include at least one object set for promotion.
Set Object for Promotion
This action appears if you select an object that is currently set for promotion.
Click this icon to remove the object from the objects that are marked for promotion.
Copy selected objects to the clipboard.
Paste all objects currently in the clipboard.
Paste Selection
Select objects from the clipboard to paste.
Remove the selected objects from the promotion request.
Collect Objects
Open the Collect Objects table.
You must select one or more table rows before using this action.
Add Promotion Objects
Open the Add Promotion Objects window.
You can use this window to search for objects. You can add multiple objects at once from the Search Results table.
Add by Number
Add by Name
If you know the object name or number, you can use the quick entry fields.
Begin entering the name or number. A suggestion list appears as you type.
You must enter a minimum of three characters before suggestions appear.
4. Click Finish.