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Creating a Classic Resource
Only project or program managers can create a resource.
Use the following procedure to create a resource for your project or program.
1. Click the new resource icon on the Resources table on the Resources page.
The New Resource window opens.
2. In the Resource Name field, enter a name that uniquely identifies the resource. This is a required field.
3. In the Description field, enter a brief description of the resource.
4. In the Type field, select Material, Equipment, Person, or Facility.
5. If you selected Person as the type of resource, select the name of the team member from the User drop-down list.
6. In the Standard Rate field, enter the amount per hour that the resource costs, if applicable. If the resource is associated to an activity, this value is used to calculate the total cost based on the estimated hours and actual hours specified in the activity. (For more information, see Editing an Activity.) The cost amount specified is then used in the overall budget calculations which can be viewed on the Details page of the project or program.
7. In the Cost Per Use field, enter any cost per unit or cost per unit time that should be added to the resource cost in addition to the standard rate (if applicable). Only the resource units percentage is added to the cost of the activity.
This field is especially pertinent to facility and equipment resources. For example, if your resource is a piece of equipment, it might have a fee of $100 that is separate from its hourly rate. If you assign that machine as a resource and allocate 50% of its use to that activity, then $50 is added to the activity cost.
8. In the Max Utilization field, enter the percentage that best gauges the extent of the use of the resource. For example, if the resource is a person, this specifies the maximum amount of that person's time that can be dedicated to the project or program. This percentage is used to calculate contributions by multiple resources.
9. Click OK. The window closes, and the Resources table is refreshed to reflect the new resource.
Click Apply. The table is refreshed, but the window remains open so that you can create additional resources.
When you create an activity for the plan, you can associate resources with that activity. When you edit the activity, you can specify the estimated and actual hours of work accomplished by the resource.