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Classic Resources
Resources are necessary to the completion of the project or program, such as a person, facility, piece of equipment, or particular material. They normally have cost, time, or technical restraints associated with them, and can be tracked as part of the budget by associating resources with activities and milestones. Resources may be physical (plants, work centers, tooling, process materials) or represent a specific skill.
All team members assigned to active roles are automatically added as person resources. If you are the project or program manager, you can create, edit, and delete resources from this page.
The Resource table lists all of the available resources for your project or program, such as pieces of equipment, personnel, or a building. It also lists important information about that resource, such as cost. You can view the table using the following options from the View drop-down list in the upper right corner of the table:
All Resources—The table displays all of the available resources for the project or program.
Active Resources—The table displays only those resources which are currently active. A resource becomes active when it is assigned to a plan activity.
Resource Cost Information—The table displays the following information collected from all of the active resources and totaled: Plan Hours, Actual Hours, Plan Cost, Actual Cost. This option is only available to project or program managers.
The following table lists and describes the fields displayed in the Resources table when it is viewed as All Resources or Active Resources:
Field Name
Specifies the name of the resource. If the resource is a person, it specifies the full name of the person. Resources are created for team members as they are added to the team. If a team member was invited by e-mail address only and has not yet registered, their e-mail address is displayed along with the word PENDING.
Lists the available actions. If you are the project or program manager, you can edit and delete resources. This drop-down list is only available to project or program managers.
Specifies whether the resource is a person, material, equipment, or facility.
Specifies the full name of the user that is associated with the resource.
If the resource is a person, this field specifies the organization to which the individual belongs.
Standard Rate/hour
Specifies the hourly cost of the resource or the cost of the resource per unit of use. If the resource is associated to an activity, the estimated hours and actual hours specified when editing the activity are used to calculate the total cost. The cost amount specified is used in the overall budget calculations which can be viewed on the Details page of the project or program. This information is only displayed to the project or program manager.
Cost Per Use
Specifies cost per unit or cost per unit time that should be added to the resource cost in addition to the standard rate (if applicable). Only the resource units percentage is added to the cost of the activity.
This field is especially pertinent to facility and equipment resources. For example, if your resource is a piece of equipment, it might have a fee of $100 that is separate from its hourly rate. If you assign that machine as a resource and allocate 50% of its use to that activity, then $50 is added to the activity cost.
Max Utilization
Specifies the percentage of the extent of the use of the resource. For example, if the resource is a person, this specifies the maximum amount of that person's time that can be dedicated to the project or program.