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Classic Plans
The release of Windchill ProjectLink 10.0 introduced Enhanced Project Plan (EPP) projects. Plans created in earlier Windchill releases are now referred to as “classic” plans, and classic plan types are no longer available to create as new. However, users upgrading to the latest release can continue to run classic plans, as well as create new projects from an imported classic project template.
You can easily convert classic plans to EPP plans. For more information on the functional differences between classic project plans and EPP project plans, see Converting Plan Types.
A Windchill project is a web-based space into which you invite people to collaborate as a project team. For example, if you had a product line of bulldozers, you could create a project to coordinate the activities associated with the blade design for one or more of your bulldozers. Team members, such as engineers, engineering managers, product managers, and even suppliers, can access the project space, using it to find, store, and share documents, CAD files, links to important web pages, or other information. Team members can mark up and view CAD files, create new iterations of an existing part or document, and route files to other team members for review or approval. Team members assigned to the project manager role can create a schedule, or plan, for the project, as well as assign project deliverables to team members. A project manager can also schedule team meetings and host online project discussions.
Project templates allow you to create new projects based on a pre-defined folder structure, user roles, etc. Administrators can create new project templates from an existing project by saving or exporting the project as a template. Administrators can also save an existing project as a new project, copying those objects such as folder structure, team roles, and deliverables that they want to retain.