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Replication Package Information Page
The replication package information page is a collection point for information related to the replication package. The information page is accessed by clicking the view information icon for a particular replication package. From the information page, you can perform actions on a replication package and view attributes and additional information.
For an overview on information page functionality, see About Information Pages and Customizing Information Page Tabs.
Actions available for the package are accessed by clicking the Actions menu at the top of the page. See Common Actions for a list of common actions available in Windchill. The availability of these actions depends on the status of the package as well as your access to it. For information about status indicators, see Object Status. The following actions might be of particular interest for replication packages:
Add or remove contexts from the replication package. The package content is automatically refreshed when changes to the selected contexts are saved.
Modify certain replication package attributes, such as Description.
Lock the replication package so objects cannot be added to or removed from its contents based on changes in the context associated with the package. A replication package must be locked before a ZIP file can be created for an associated delivery.
Create a new delivery for the replication package.
Create a new iteration of a replication package that has been locked. This allows you to redelivery the package with new information without creating a new revision.
Update the content in the replication package.
Create a new revision of a replication package that has been locked. This allows you to redeliver the package with new information.
Unlocks the replication package. This action appears only to users with administrative permission, such as context administrators. It is only available for replication packages that are currently locked.
The Unlock action succeeds only for replication packages that do not include ZIP files on any deliveries.
The following tabs are available on the replication package information page. You can customize tabs that appear on each object information page to display the information most useful to you. For more information, see Customizing Information Page Tabs.
Your administrator may have modified the tabs that are viewable to you.
Displays replication package attributes such as the name and description. See Object Attributes for a list of common attributes in Windchill.
Package Content
Displays the Package Content table, which lists all objects from the selected context or contexts that are associated with the replication package.
Displays the Deliveries table, which lists all deliveries associated with the replication package.