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Using the Variant Baseline Tab
The Variant Baselines tab within the information page of the part contains details of a module variant or a lower level part that you can track using one or more variant baselines required for developing a set of product variants. You can use the same module variants or lower level parts in other variants specifications that are being developed concurrently using their own set of variant baselines.
You can make adjustments to these variant baselines in case of design iterations or issues that are resolved by engineering changes. For this analysis, you must first identify the impacted baselines for a specific module variant or a lower level part. Thus, having the visibility to the potentially impacted baselines, you can quickly review the design activity occurring across different variant baselines and determine the required resolution steps to modify the impacted variant baselines.
The Variant Baselines table is available for configuration in the Customize menu of the Related Objects tab on the part information page.
The Variant Baselines table displays:
Part attributes such as number, name, version, revision, and so on, and allows you to track part versions by the associated variant baseline.
Product Family attribute associated with the variant baseline.
Variant baseline with the “In Work” state. You can list the baselines in descending chronological order by displaying the most immature and newest ones on top and older and more matured ones at the bottom of the list. Use either Creation Date or Number to order the table.
Variant baseline member link soft attributes.
A specific version of a part that is assigned to each variant baseline for all revisions of the part. Also, you can add filter criteria to display:
Variant baselines for the current part revision
Specific part views
Certain types of variant baseline
Planned Variant Specification that is a set of variant specification revisions assigned to the variant baseline. Variant specification attribute is available in this table.