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Editing Supersede Relationships
Use the following procedure to edit the supersede relationships for a part.
1. Go to the Supersedes table on a part information page.
To add the Supersedes table, customize your information page tabs. Select Customize > Related Objects > Supersedes.
2. In the Supersedes table, parts display in a hierarchy where the parent part supersedes the child part. The part for the information page you are currently viewing is in bold font. Right-click in the row of any child part and select Edit Supersede.
Edit Supersede and undo actions are not available from the top parent part.
3. The Edit Supersede window opens. Use the add and undo icons in the Superseded and Superseded By tables to choose the necessary parts.
a. When you click add , the Find Part window opens.
b. Enter search criteria in the Context, Number, and Name fields.
c. Click Search or press ENTER. Parts that match the search criteria appear in the search results table.
d. Select the part and click OK.
4. With the necessary parts displaying in Edit Supersede window, click OK.