Windchill Fundamentals > Working with Windchill Objects > Parts > Creating and Inserting Parts > Save Part as New Part
Save Part as New Part
Many new designs start as modifications to existing products. The Save As action saves an existing part as a new part with a new identity. Use the following steps to perform the Save As operation:
1. Navigate to the part to be saved as a new part.
2. Select Save As from the actions menu. The save as window is displayed.
3. Use the collector interface to collect related objects that are to be saved as new object in the same operation. for more information about using the collector, see About the Collector.
4. Enter the new part attributes such as a new name and location in the editable columns.
The new part number may be automatically generated at your company.
5. Click OK to complete the action.
The new part will appear in the designated location. A relationship is created between the original part and the new part created by the Save As action. You can view this relationship in the Save-As History table.
If the part is checked out, Save As uses the original copy for the new saved-as part.