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Inserting a Part Version
This action allows a user to insert a new part version in the part version sequence of an existing part. For example, suppose that your company purchases a custom designed component that is assembled in your product. The component is imported to Windchill at version A.1. Over time the design of the purchased component is improved and another version, C.5, is released to your company. The insert part function allows you to add the new part version to the version stream of the initial part such that version A.1 is followed by C.5.
Use the following procedure to insert a new part version.
1. Navigate to the part information page for the desired part.
2. Select New > Insert Part from the Actions menu. The Insert Part window appears.
The Insert Part action is only available if the Allow Override On Insert preference is set to Yes.
3. Begin typing the part number in the Search by Number field, parts matching the typed number appear below the number field. Select the desired part and click Next at the bottom of the window.
4. If necessary, change the Source and Assembly Mode attributes. Type the desired revision in the Revision field or click Select Revision to choose an available revision from the Select menu.
Only the revision identifiers that have not been used appear in the Select menu. Use this option to be sure that the revision you want is available.
5. Click Finish to complete the part insertion and return to the Folder Contents page. Go to the Version History table to see the inserted part version.