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Creating New View Version
A new view version is used to capture a view of a product structure for a specific purpose such as product design or manufacturing. For example, a new assembly part version in the Manufacturing view can be used to define a product structure that captures the sub assemblies required for balancing an assembly operations. The new view version will inherit all information, including part structure, from the Design view but can be modified and maintained separately in the Manufacturing view after it is created.
The allowable product structure views are defined in Windchill by a business process administrator and selected in the New View Version action. For more information about how new revisions and new view versions work together, see Working with Views and View Associations. The version identifiers for a new view version identify the parent view from which it was created. For more information on version schemes and how they reflect view specific versions, see Out-of-the-Box Default Versioning Scheme.
To create a new view version:
1. Select New > New View Version from the Actions menu on the information page of the desired part. The New View Version window opens.
2. From the Select View list, select the view you want to create for this new version of the part.
3. The New View Version window also contains fields for Life Cycle Template and Team Template; however, these fields may be auto-generated in your Windchill installation.
4. Click OK. The information page for the new view specific version is displayed.