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Creating a New One Off Version
A one-off part version is created to capture a modification to an existing part version that will not be reflected in the main version sequence. It is a branch off of an existing part version. One-off versions can be used to capture modifications to released part versions that are in service without changing the currently released design.
To create a new one-off version:
1. Select New > New One Off Version from the Actions menu on the information page of the desired part. The New One Off Version window opens.
2. The New One Off Version window contains fields for Life Cycle Template and Team Template, however, these fields may be auto-generated in your Windchill installation.
3. Click OK. The information page for the new one off version is displayed.
A one-off version is labeled using the revision of the part from which it was created and an extension one off version and iteration. For example, a one off version created from part version A is labeled A-1.1.