Data Management Capabilities > Managing Part Structures > Windchill Options and Variants Capabilities > Using Option Sets to Organize Product Families > Workflow for Defining an Option Set > Creating a Copy of an Option Set with Save As
Creating a Copy of an Option Set with Save As
You can create a copy of an option set under a different name, and save it to a context to which you have access. When creating a copy, you can also change the settings in the option set.
1. Go to the information page of the option set.
2. From the Actions menu, select Save As.
3. The Save As Option Set window opens.
4. Specify the new name for the option set, and specify the attribute settings for the option set.
5. Specify the context in which to save the option set.
6. When finished, click OK. The option set (with the local rules that were defined within the original option set) is saved to the specified context.