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Information Page of an Option Set
To access the information page of an option set, go to the Option Sets table, locate the option set you want to view, and click .
Information pages contain a list of applicable actions in a menu just below the object identification line. See Common Actions for a list of common actions available in Windchill. The availability of these actions depends on the status of the option set, as well as your access to it.
The following actions may be of particular interest for this object.
Save As
Save an option set under a different name in a selected context, and modify its attributes, if needed. By default, the option set is saved with the attribute settings as in the original option set.
If you are a member of the Platform Structure group, you can change the setting of the Manage Local Rule Changes Independently from the Option Set attribute in the resulting option set.
Edit an option set.
Export an option in XML format.
You must have administrator privileges to edit, delete, or export an option set.
The following tabs are viewable on the option set information page. You can customize the tabs that appear on each object information page to display the information most useful to you. For more information, see Customizing Information Page Tabs.
Administrators may have modified the tabs that are viewable to you.
Information about the attributes of the option set.
The tree view of the option set with groups, options, and choices in the left pane of the page. Depending on the item selected in the left pane, you can select the following tabs in the right pane: Attributes, Design Option, Sales Option, Include Rules, Exclude Rules, Enable Rules, and Where Used.
Information on change tracking, including Change Requests, Issues and Variances, and so on.