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Overriding the Revision of the Assigned Option Set
The option set is a revision-controlled object. When an option set is assigned, it captures the assigned version of the option set. If you want to experiment with a different version of the assigned option set and apply it to a product structure for testing, you can override the currently assigned option set by selecting another version. This override does not affect other users of the option set.
You can use the option set revision override while editing option rules, assigning choices to a part, and when selecting criteria for the Option Filter.
The ability to override is available to Product Managers, Option Managers, and product members.
To override an option set revision:
1. Go to the Assigned Option Set table.
2. Right-click the assigned option set, and click Override Option Set Revision.
3. In the Override Option Set Revision window, select the version of the option set to use from the drop-down list, and click OK.
To remove the override, right-click the assigned option set and click .