Data Management Capabilities > Managing Part Structures > Windchill Options and Variants Capabilities > Using Option Sets to Organize Product Families > Workflow for Defining an Option Set > Managing Local Rule Changes for the Option Set > Revising Local Rules
Revising Local Rules
If the option set is defined with the Manage Local Rule Changes Independently from the Option Set attribute set to Yes, local rules can be revised independently of the option set revisions.
This capability is available only to members of the Platform Structures group.
You can revise local rules from the following locations:
From the Option Set page, by right-clicking the rules table and selecting Revise.
From the information page of the rule, select Revise from the Actions list.
As a part of change process for local choice rules: from the toolbar (the toolbar action icon and the actions drop-down list) on the Affected Objects table that appears in the window for creating and editing change tasks.
When filtering an overloaded product structure using the Option Filter, you can set the configurations specification to specify the version of the rules to use when evaluating the assignments against the selection criteria.