Data Management Capabilities > Managing Part Structures > Windchill Options and Variants Capabilities > Filtering a Configurable Product Structure with the Option Filter > Filtering a Product Structure Using a Variant Specification
Filtering a Product Structure Using a Variant Specification
You can filter a product structure of a configurable module by applying a variant specification that was previously created for this configurable module.
1. Go to the configurable module’s information page and select the Structure tab.
2. On the Filter action list, click the Saved Filters list and select Variant Specifications from the list.
If the configurable module does not have a variant specification, the Variant Specifications selection is grayed out on the Saved Filters list.
3. In the Select Variant Specification window, select the variant specification to apply and click OK. The table lists the variant specification of the selected configurable part and the configuration specifications of its parent parts.
4. The product structure is filtered using the selections and criteria saved in the selected variant specification. The currently applied variant specification is listed in the Saved Filters list.