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Set Filter Step: Specifying Expansion Criteria and Applying Filters
The first step of the configuration process allows you to specify the filtering criteria that are applied to the part structure. You can apply more than one filter to the part structure. Certain filters are available out-of-the-box, for example, Configuration Specification and Spatial Filter. In addition to the out-of-the-box filters, your company may implement custom filters, supporting other configurable aspects of the part.
The Option Filter is available if an option set is assigned to this part or product (or a corresponding context).
To complete the Set Filter step:
1. If necessary, specify the configuration specification to use.
2. Select the tab with the filter to set.
3. Specify the filtering criteria. For information on how to select criteria for the Option Filter, see Specifying the Filtering Criteria for the Option Filter.
4. Specify how you want to apply selections by choosing Apply to top level object or Apply latest for unresolved dependents. If Apply to top level object is selected, the configuration specification is applied to the top part as well.
5. After you have made all your selections on this page, you can save them and continue with the configuration process. To save the settings, click the Save button. If the variant specification has not yet been created, you are placed in the Variant Specification step, allowing you to specify the name of the variant specification. To return back to where you were in the configuration process, click Continue.
6. When finished providing inputs for this step, click Next to go to the next step of the configuration process, or click Finish to save the variant specification with the specified inputs and exit from the configuration process.