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Viewing Information About a Choice
To view information about a choice:
1. Go to the tree view in the left pane of the Option Pool page, or the Structure tab under the option set information page.
2. Locate the choice and click . The information page identifies the choice type, the option, and the group to which the choice belongs, and provides a description.
You can view information on where the choice is used by adding a new tab, and then selecting Customize > General > Where Used. The following information is available from the Where Used tab:
Click Where Assigned to view the Assigned to Following Objects table.
Click Option Set to view the Used in the Following Option Sets table.
Click Choice Rules to view the Used in the Following Choice Rules table.
Click Aliases to view the Used in the Following Aliases table.
The following actions from the Actions menu may be of a particular interest to you:
Edit the description for the choice.
Delete the choice from the option.
The information page for the numeric choice lists the same attributes as for non-numeric choices, plus the choice value and the quantity of measure used.