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Setting Date Effectivity for Choices
The effectivity dates denote the period within which the choice is a valid selection. If the option set was created with Allow Date Effectivity for Choices set to Yes, you can specify the effectivity dates for the choices included in the option set. The effectivity dates can be used when selecting choices for the Option Filter.
If date effectivity is enabled but is not set, the system uses the date when the choice was added to the option set as the default start date.
To set effectivity for choices:
1. Go to the information page of an option set.
2. In the left pane under the Structure tab, filter the view to see options of a desired type (sales or design).
3. Expand the tree to locate the choice you want to set.
4. Right-click a choice and select Set Effectivities.
5. In the Set Effectivities window, select the start and end dates.
6. Click OK.