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Reordering Notes
If a part has more than one note associated with it, you can reorder the way those notes are displayed in the Notes table.
When more than one note is added to a part, the reorder notes icon appears. By default, notes are listed in the order in which they are added to the part, with the earliest at the top.
To change the order in which the notes are listed:
1. Click the reorder notes icon next to the part whose notes you want to reorder.
The Reorder Notes window opens.
2. In the Reordered List field, select the note you would like to move and use the following actions:
Move Top—Moves the note to the top so that it is first in the list.
Move Up—Moves the note higher in the list one position at a time.
Move Down—Moves the note lower in the list one position at a time.
Move Bottom—Moves the note to the bottom so that it is last in the list.
3. When you have finished reordering the notes, click OK to apply your changes.