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Creating a Notebook Folder
You can create a folder either at the top level of the notebook or as a subfolder.
To create a new folder in the Notebook or My Notebook table, use the following procedure:
1. Click the new folder icon on the table toolbar or select New Folder from the table Actions menu. If you are creating a subfolder, you can first select the folder in which you want the subfolder to be located.
Select New Folder from the right-click actions menu of an existing folder to create a subfolder.
The New Folder window opens.
2. In the Folder Name field, enter a name for the folder.
3. In the Location field, select an existing folder from the drop-down list. To create a top-level folder, leave the location blank.
4. Click OK. The folder is created, and the New Folder window closes.
Click Apply. The folder is created, but the window remains open so that you can create more folders.
You can now add links or subfolders to the folder.