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Context Replication — Support for Backward Compatibility
Product: Windchill
Release: 11.1 M010
Enables Windchill PDMLink users to replicate product information for reference purpose across multiple systems using Windchill Federation by Replication (FBR) to facilitate collaboration within or across enterprises.
Additional Details
Backward compatibility refers to the ability of a Windchill system to generate downgraded deliveries for systems that have older release versions of Windchill.
The following features have been introduced in support of this capability:
Downgrade releases option on the Zip Package for Delivery window — use this option when zipping a package to select the releases to generate the downgraded deliveries.
Downgraded Deliveries tab on the delivery information page — displays the details of downgraded deliveries.
New package delivery options to recover information that is lost during downgrade when the Windchill target system is upgraded to the same level as the Windchill source system.
Some important points to consider:
Backward compatibility of packages is applicable for replication packages only.
The downgrade feature must be enabled in the source Windchill system to support backward compatibility.
The Windchill version installed on the target system must be either same or an older version of the sourceWindchill system.
Windchill PDMLink systems involved in the exchange must be identically configured with deviations permitted to an extent that they can be mapped.
The Windchill version installed on the target system must not be older than Windchill 11.0 M030.
The prerequisites of how the Windchill source and Windchill target systems must be setup for FBR continue to hold true with backward compatibility possible.
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