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Downgraded Deliveries Table
The Downgraded Deliveries table, available from the Downgraded Deliveries tab on the delivery information page displays a list of the downgraded deliveries created for the base delivery. The delivery list is empty until a downgrade delivery is created. This tab is visible only if the downgrade feature is enabled for your Windchill installation.
In case of incremental delivery, the downgraded deliveries of the respective incremental delivery are displayed.
Column Information
The columns available in the Downgraded Deliveries table provide specific information about each delivery in the table. For example, the Release Id column indicates the release for which the downgraded delivery is created. Number, Recipient Name, and Status columns might appear in the view.
You can customize the view as per your requirement by creating a new view. To do this, select the Customize option from the view list and then select the New View action. For more information, see Customizing Table Views.
The following delivery-specific actions may be available on the Downgraded Deliveries table or in the Actions menu. See Common Actions for a list of common actions available in Windchill.
Copies the delivery to the clipboard.
Send a package delivery that has already been created.
Before sending the delivery, the ZIP file or files must be generated, any required manual steps must be completed, and delivery medium must be prepared.
Acknowledge receipt of a package that has been delivered to the recipient. The delivery can be received and accepted or rejected.
The Receive Delivery action only appears after a delivery has been sent.
The Edit action is not available for a downgrade delivery.