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Initially Selected Objects Table
The Initially Selected Objects table displays only the initially selected objects that you have added to the managed collection. These objects are the starting point for gathering content objects based upon the selected collection options. The collection capability provides a flexible means to define a set of rules that can be repeatedly applied to gather a set of objects. While all content objects can be initially selected objects, it is a best practice to make use of the collection process.
The organization of the initially selected objects should vary based on the set of Collection Options you want to use. When a set of initially selected objects is too diverse to allow the same set of collection options for all objects, use another managed collection as an initially selected object. The managed collection can then organize the initially selected objects and collection options for those objects. If different collection options are required for other objects included in the content, a second managed collection can be added as an initially selected object.
Add objects to the table from your clipboard by clicking the paste objects icon or search for objects by clicking the add objects icon . To remove initially selected objects from the table without deleting them from the system, click the remove icon .