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Manage Saved Searches
From the Search History and Saved Searches page, click Manage. The Manage Saved Searches window opens.
From this window, you can view all searches that you have created as well as any searches that have been shared with you by an administrator.
Shared searches are shared with a group, context, organization, or site. You must have access to the shared location for the saved search to appear.
The Saved Searches table includes the following information:
The name of the saved search.
Created By
The name of the user who created the saved search.
The context, organization, or site with which the search has been shared.
Created On
The date on which the saved search was created.
Group Access
The names of any groups with which the search has been shared.
A checkmark indicates that the search is visible in your Saved Searches list.
Select the checkboxes next to the searches you want to manage. The following actions are available from the table toolbar:
Select the searches you want to delete and click the delete icon .
Only an administrator can delete a shared search created by another user.
Add the selected searches to your Saved Searches list.
Shared searches are hidden by default. When you display a shared search, it appears in your Saved Searches list under Shared with Me.
Remove the selected searches from your Saved Searches list.
Export a saved search to a zip file. This allows you to share saved searches between different Windchill servers.
Import a saved search.
Administrative Delete
Delete saved searches created by another user.
This action only appears if you are logged in an a site administrator. For more information, see Administratively Delete Saved Searches.