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Unexpected Results
If a search does not return an object that you are expecting to see, check the following variables:
User access
Only objects to which you have access appear in search results.
Share status
If an object is shared or checked out to a project from a PDM context, only the product version appears in the search results.
Selection persistence
The selections you make under the Type and Context fields are maintained between search sessions, so you should verify that the appropriate criteria is set each time you perform a search.
For example, when you return to the search page using the Edit Search Criteria action, your previous search selections remain enabled until you log out or perform a new search.
Keyword use
If you perform a global search or enter a value into the advanced search Keyword field, the search results can vary depending on multiple factors. For more information, see Keyword Search Rules.
Wildcard use
When you use wildcards in your search, the spacing between your search terms can affect whether your search is successful. For more information, see Spacing and Using Multiple Wildcards in a Keyword Search and Unique Wildcard Behavior in Indexed Keyword Searches.
Non-latest versions
By default, Windchill searches are only performed against the latest iteration of each object version or revision.
You can search non-latest iterations using the Iteration attribute under Criteria. For more information, see Search Using Revision and Iteration Criteria.
Windchill Index Search only maintains the latest iteration of each object version in the search index. You can use the Iteration attribute to include non-latest iterations in your search results. However, if you are performing a keyword search that includes multiple attribute criteria, your search might include unexpected results. For more information, see Non-Latest Iterations Using Multiple Criteria.
Secondary content (attachments)
When you perform a keyword search using Windchill Index Search, the search is performed against the content of uploaded files (such as Microsoft Word documents). This includes both primary content and secondary content.
Secondary content is known as an attachment in Windchill. Attachments can be used for several object types, including documents, change objects, and discussion comments.
While you cannot perform an explicit search for an attachment object, their content is indexed and included in a keyword search. However, when a keyword string is matched against attachment content, the attachment itself does not appear in the Search Results table. Instead, the object to which it is attached is listed.
For example, depending on the preference settings used at your site, part objects can include attachments. Therefore, it is possible that your search results might include a unexpected part object because Windchill matched your keyword to a text string within an attached document.
Windchill Index Search restrictions
When performing a search with indexing enabled, keyword searches might fail to perform as expected for one of the following reasons:
New objects—Objects are added to the Windchill index based on a schedule set by your administrator. If an object is very new, it might not be fully indexed yet.
Indexing rules—Your site administrator can set rules determining what objects and information are added to the Windchill search index.
File types—If you are performing a keyword search for information within a content file, verify that indexing is enabled for that file type. Check with your administrator or see Supported File Types for Content Indexing.
System errors—In rare instances, the indexing queue might fail to process data to add to the search index.
Server malfunction—If the Windchill Index Search engine is experiencing errors, then keyword searches might be unusable until the problem is fixed.
When indexing is installed and enabled, the Keyword field and the global search field always use the search indexing engine, regardless of whether it is experiencing errors. In other words, Windchill will not perform a database search using keywords even if indexed searching is failing.
To bypass the Windchill search index, perform an advanced search and leave the Keyword field blank. Use the Type, Context, and Criteria fields to narrow your search results.
Entering text into an attribute field under Criteria does not perform a keyword search and is therefore not as flexible. You must enter the exact text or use wildcard characters. For example, if you are searching for a part named “Gear Shaft” and enter gear into the Name field, the search fails. You must enter gear shaft or use a wildcard (for example, gear*).