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Specify which object types should be included in the search:
All Types
All searchable object types are included in the search. You can remove object types from this selection using the All Applicable Object Types Search preference. An administrator sets the default value.
My Favorite Types
Select this checkbox to include all the object types that appear under My Favorite Types. You can further refine each search using the checkboxes next to individual object types. Deselecting the checkbox next to an object type excludes it from the search, but does not remove it from your favorites.
1. To include additional object types, click Add to open the Find Type window. For more information on selecting object types, see Finding Types.
2. You can customize each search to include specific object types:
To exclude an individual object type from a search, deselect the checkbox next to the object name. Select the checkbox to include it again.
To remove an object type from your favorites, hover over the type name and click the remove icon .
Type selections as well as checkbox selections under My Favorite Types are remembered between search sessions. However, these choices do not affect the object type criteria included when performing a global search.
The object types selected also determine the attributes available in the Criteria field.
The Advanced Search Default Types List site-level preference sets the default object types that users see under My Favorite Types. Changing or resetting this preference removes any customizations users have made to their favorite types list.
Object types are customizable and the selections available might be different depending on the Windchill solutions installed at your site.